Privacy Policy

We thank you for your trust in us for sharing your information with us and this privacy notice enlightens you about the details and data we collect from you and how it is used. For providing the services offered in the application we collect the following data from you.

  1. We collect the details about your operating system and its language.

  2. We collect the data and time of visit.

  3. We store the time spent by you in application. We record the error logs we collect the geographical information of your device (Latitude & Longitude)


  1. We collect the personal information from your device while creating a user account for you. We collect your IP address, your name, and your address with House No. Street, Place, City, District, State, with Pin code.

  2. We record your location both native and living. We collect the personal information like; your email address, your phone No. date of birth and your astrological birth star.

  3. We also collect the following information for payment

    1. The mode of payment you choose.

    2. Your Debit card and Credit card (No. Name, Expiry date). If the card is used the user details are secure by Razor pay.

    3. If you are making any transactions in the application through Unified Payment Interface (UPI) your data is securely stored by Razor Pay. We also store your payment status as well.

Personal Information collected includes:

Device Information
Operating system and its version, Hardware model, System language, Device Identifier and mobile network information

Contact Information
Name, address, phone number and email address

Location Information
Native, Living and Current Location

Transaction Information
Transaction Status, Date and Time of Transaction, Booking information and amount charged

Log Information
Error logs when app crashes, Server log which consists of browser information, IP address and date and time of server requests

How we collect Information

User provides directly: Contact Information, Native and Living Locations

App collects automatically: Device Information, Current Location (if location access is granted by user), Log Information, and Transaction Information

How we use the data

  1. To operate and maintain the user’s Temple Click account

  2. To uniquely identify a user

  3. To provide offering booking facility to user

  4. To list temples based on user’s preferred locations

  5. To provide information about the user to third-parties such as temples

  6. To analyze application performance in various devices

  7. To analyze usage of application to provide user interface/user experience improvements.

How we share the data

  1. The name, date of birth (if provided) and astrological star of the user as well as devotees added by the user with the booking information will be shared with enlisted temples

  2. We use the same user data for the promotional; activities of any of our other applications or programs.

  3. No direct information that will uniquely identify a user would not be used for any kind of promotional activities