About TempleClick

In most cases, getting your offering registered at the Temple counters involves standing in queues, making it a time-consuming process. With the TempleClick app, you no longer have to wait in long queues. Now booking offering at your favourite Temples is super quick and simple. TempleClick acts as a bridge between you and your favourite Temples.

The App

Using TempleClick is extremely easy :

That's it! You can choose from a variety of categories namely Homa/Havan, Archana, Pooja, Abhishekam, Naivedya and Others. These categories are further divided into offerings for making your selection simple and straight forward. You can also add devotees to your devotee master list during the booking process. Every Temple available on the TempleClick app is under an agreement that they will execute the offerings registered via the app in the scheduled date and time. You can always collect the Prasad upon providing the receipt if you chosen for collecting Prasad.

The prices for the offerings listed in the app are not determined by the TempleClick team. All pricings listed are exclusive of TDS / TCS / any other taxes, service charges and other processing charges and are controlled by the respective Temples. The payments for the offerings are directly credited to the respective Temples accounts. We gladly work to help you get your offerings done at your desired Temple at the comforts of your home but we do not take any commission from the Temple or from the offering price.